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I am an aspiring Web developer/software engineer and a recent graduate of the Flatiron School Full Stack Web Development program. My skillset includes React/Redux, Javascript, Ruby/Rails, HTML/CSS, and Wordpress custom theming using PHP. I am a tenacious user advocate and I get great satisfaction from being able to build websites and apps that exhibit good UX design and fill a need.

In 2011, after years of creeping professional doldrums, I changed careers. I obtained a Master's degree in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley University, and then found a position as a UX Researcher. During that time, it became clear to me that while I loved helping to create better user experiences, I really wanted to contribute from the engineering side. I completed the development classes offered by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and took on freelance projects, but it wasn't until I discovered the Flatiron program that I truly felt I'd found my way forward.

I'm excited about finding a position that will allow me to solidify and expand on my skills and, ideally, to make contributions that can have an impact on people's lives.

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