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Discovery research, brainstorming methods, focus groups, wants and needs analysis, user testing, mobile design

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The Project

Ongoing work on the company's mobile app to give customers greater flexibility in when and where they can accomplish their goals.

The Problem

While the company had put substantial effort into making it easier for Constant Contact customers to create mobile-friendly emails, improving mobile functionality for the customers themselves had lagged behind. The company needed to learn more about how customers might want to use a mobile application for e-marketing purposes, and how best to provide the desired functionality.

The Approach

A three-phase process was implemented:

  1. Brainstorming (using the brainwriting method) with customers and e-marketing consultants to learn more about customer needs and generate ideas for the mobile app.
  2. A series of focus groups with customers to generate more ideas and determine priorities.
  3. Multiple iterations of design enhancements and usability testing.

The Result

The discovery research helped determine priorities for additions and improvements to the mobile app. Enhancements included adding functionality to enable users to easily add and edit contacts and easily create and send simple emails from a mobile device.

Constant Contact mobile app
New Mobile Contacts Functionality

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