Non-profit Site Visits | UX Research

Contextual inquiry, wants and needs analysis, user segmentation

The Project

Site visits to a number of non-profit customer organizations to obtain a better understanding of this segment of Constant Contact's user base.

The Problem

This study arose in response to feedback from some non-profit customers about products and services that are geared more toward commercial customers and aren't as well suited to meet the needs of non-profits. Because non-profit organizations make up a sizable portion of Constant Contact's customer base, there was a need to gain a better understanding of the needs and usage patterns of this user segment.

The Approach

A major challenge was to obtain authentic, in-context information from the participating organizations. Because the cadence of most customers' work with the product is intermittent, purely observational techniques were not feasible. Therefore, a hybrid approach was used that included both an interview and a predetermined observational opportunity. The interviews provided consistent information across all participating organizations. For the observational portion, we asked participants to be sure to have a real email campaign that they could work on while we were there so we could observe their process.

Non-profit site visits
Note: All categories and data are fabricated for confidentiality reasons.

The Result

Based on the results of the study we compiled:

This information can help the company to better target the unique needs of this customer segment, and can also be used to inform persona development and refinement.

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